Osteopathic treatment of Bell's Palsy with Cranial Therapy


Bell's palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis resulting from damage or trauma to the facial nerves.

 Most Physicians are only  aware of the use of steroids to treat this condition.  In reality though, Osteopathic Cranial treatments can often improve or reverse the affects of this mysterious affliction.  Over the years Dr. Steinecker has been able to bring relief to many individuals with dramatic results.


Huge Thanks!

"Due to Bell's Palsy, the mobility of my right face was impaired.  I could not close my right eye but I could not take time off work though everyone I talked to said it will be take a long time to recover.  Some said 6 months.  I saw my family doctor who told me to take steroid and yet, it may not cure the problem.  Then I sought acupuncture treatments but my symptoms got worse and worse after each treatment, in addition to the greed of the acupuncturist who already had a plan of maximizing all my allowable visits per year.  I decided to learn more about the cause of my illness which was due to the infection of the cranial serve.  So I searched for a doctor who is a neurologist and also practices cranial osteopathy.  I found Dr. Steinecker.  She is a magical healer!  Her treatment was so non-invasive and supportive.  I recovered 90% within three days! My right face began to heal the next day after that one treatment.  Unlike other greedy doctor, Dr. Steinecker said to come back only as I need it.  It was completely up to me.  At first, due to out of network cost, I was hesitating due to my financial situation.  After the first treatment, it occurred to me that we normally take our car in for a major service after a few thousand miles but yet I neglected my own body.  I felt like a Lamborghini after I saw Dr. Steinecker.  My body for the first time in a long time functions so optimally.  I went back to see Dr. Steinecker again for another treatment and am now 100% recovered.  Huge thanks to Dr. Steinercker."

Chu T.