Osteopathic Cranial for the treatment of DEPRESSION, DEFIANT, OBSESSIVE, UNHAPPINESS, PANDAS

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"Having reached a critical point in my child's treatment for a chronic issue,  I did not know what options were available or what options were the best choice, didn't know what specialists (traditional/alternative/complimentary) were good matches for my child or worth the money. I felt really confused and frustrated. Given my child's state, I felt an urgency to have a holistic strategic plan to give her both confidence and comfort in knowing that we had a direction to improve her health.  We also needed to find a primary care physician  to coordinate the effort since our  primary care physician no longer is practicing.

After doing extensive research on options, I called Dr. Steinecker to see if she knew about the doctors and treatments. Dr. Steinecker has been an essential of my child's team for many years, as a cranial osteopath and neurologist. She knows my child and her sensitivities as we have navigated the non linear path of health improvement. She listened, asked questions, discussed options and help me develop a coordinated, holistic strategy including who to call, questions to ask, treatment alternatives and the preferred order of appointments. She helped me understand how the various treatment approaches can be integrated and what to specifically request of each provider. She assured me that this approach was sound and worth the effort. We talked about risks and benefits. Unsure of how quickly I could make this all happen, she offered to make calls if needed or have David assist.

Now that we have started implementing the strategy, I am so relieved that the plan is working. My child loves her new primary care doctor and specialists. My family is grateful for Dr. Steinecker's wisdom, guidance and support.

Signed Susan"



Good morning Dr. Devorah, ~

Just wanted to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day today.  You are clearly an incredible mom to your two boys, but you are also an incredible mom to all your patients.  Of course I am biased because I am crazy grateful for all the “mothery” ways you treat D... with your encouragement, advice, & words of wisdom & love that lift her up each & every week, along with the incredible medical work you do for her.  There are so many things we moms can’t say to our own kids but wish we could & I love hearing you say things to D... that I want to say, but they just wouldn’t be received the same way coming from my mouth.  Thank you for  everything   & I hope you enjoy a wonderful day with your family.
Much love, C...